Welcome to Luxury Giveaways, a sister company to Audrey Bull Jewellers (an independent jewellers established 1947). We are passionate about beautiful jewellery and with over 70 years experience of sourcing Antique, Vintage and Handmade Jewellery we are committed to delivering the absolute best in quality and design. Our aim is to offer you the chance to win luxurious and quality products at a fraction of the RRP.

For those of you who know our lovely shop in West Wales, please let us know if there is anything you would love to see in our giveaway competitions.

Here at Luxury Giveaway we do not look to sell thousands of tickets……
We wanted a competition site that offered low ticket sales and low odds.
We also use real photos, no library images, no stock images, just real pictures to assure you of their authenticity.

Giving Back

As a company, we are very family oriented and community focused and as such we want to give back to that community. Luxury Giveaway are committed to donating a proportion of our competition proceeds to local mental health initiatives.
The pandemic has highlighted the need for mental health resources in every community, but in particular there is a huge shortfall in support for young adults and these charities are providing the help so desperately needed.
Click on any of the links below for an in depth look at how amazing these charities are and how you can help.

DPJ Foundation

Get the boys a lift.

Big Retreat Community